Merry Christmas Croc

It's the day before christmas. I designed a card that tackles the price rise of fuel and some randomness. There is one of my classic characters which is a crocodile in a tub. The card is suposed to take place of the piece of coal of naughty people but many didn't understand it unless with explanation, which is both good and bad. It is bad because they kinda destroyed the purpose of the card but it is good because that the santa claus myth isn't growing too much in the region.

AUB Comic - Christmas Spirit

It's almost Christmas, in Outlook we had a secret santa, where one would say what he/she would like to get as a gift. This is pretty much what I imagined if someone were to get the wrong gift.

AUBites Animals on the Web

Friday the 16th was the Social Media Changing Lives conference in AUB where I participated in. It wasn't the best thing to the people where many lacked interest in zoology especially on the web. But anyways it was the best thing I have done even though I was dead stiff under the spot light.

I also saw so many random tweets around my lecture like animals owning accounts and lolcats. Then I decided to do a comic based on two AUB animals, the Feral Cat and the Common Chameleon.

On the note, the newspaper file exportation was done wrong and my comic was destroyed =(

Secret Santa to an Engineer

Working in Outlook I took part of the secret santa where I was the secret santa to a Civil Engineer I have never met and know nothing of. So I decided to do him a poster of what engineers wish to have in our university, an Identity, a hero, and more girls (If you know what I mean)

Any how I started with the middle engineer who is a civil engineer. But he looked like who could use a side kick, so I did the chemical engineerette, who turned out to be my favorite one out of them. But still it looked like it is still missing something, so I decided to continue the whole team, where I added an electrical engineerette and a Mechanical Engineer golem in the back calling the group "The Engineers"

AUBites Parrot

After I entered AUB, a bird guide came out explaining the different birds spotted on campus. What came to my shock was that there are rose-ringed parakeets (Psittacula krameri) in the region. After research it became clear to that these parakeets are feral are spread around the region up to Lebanon down through Palestine down to Bahrain all the way to India where they originate.

While walking throughout the campus I keep seeing various birds such as common bulbuls (Pycnonotus barbatus) and palestinian sunbirds (Cinnyris oseus), but one day I heard a loud screech which shockingly turned out to be sulfur crested cockatoo (Cacatua galerita) flying around on campus. These cockatoos originate from Australia but it was here in Beirut. Reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend of how weird this university is.

So I depicted the two birds the common bulbul (the black headed bird) and the palestinian sunbird (the bird with a curved beak) Having the same argument where the Cockatoo interrupts them.

Sabea' - An Arab Super Hero

The Arab Super Hero, this topic has been over abused and brought up by many people and discussed and planned out like for instance Fouad Mezher's Enigma. But this Arab Hero was just a quick sketch I did for a magazine group project where the staff had to draw an interpretation of an arab super hero for a feature article asking questioning the existence of a pure Arab Super Hero.

I was randomly sketching a character and one group member says why not the hero be an animal, where I thought why not the hero can have a supporting trusty animal as a ride. I drew it to be a beast, then I thought of what it could be so I made it a stripped hyena which is found in the Lebanese and Middle Eastern region. After that I thought of what the Hero's name could be. I thought, what if he was a hero that was of that who got help from beasts and name him Beast. So I called him Sabea' (سبع) which means beast in Arabic. The logo on Sabea''s chest is actually a hindi numeral seven, which in arabic is called Sabea relating to the name, along with beast eyes.

I vow to work on the character to create him an identity and story.

AUBites Ants

Yet again, it was a late night, I had no access to the scanner, I was working on a group project fixing images using a wacom pad. And what is a bonus is that I had ants running all over my desk. So I thought of what happens when an ant finds a source of sugar, at the same time I was rolling on the internet looking at memes. It came to me that there is something in common, so I applied the MSpaint like feature on an ant character. It is something alright.

AUBites Roaches

So It was before midnight, I had to submit a comic to OutLook, and I was unable to think of an idea

Asking a good friend of mines for help, she tells me of the time they found a roach in women's dorms, directly giving me the idea of: "What would a cockroach say to the other if one found food at a certain place?"

So I came up with this!

AUBites 2 - It was a rainy day

So rain season started and one of the main things one will realize is that the snails come out to roam around on the universities campus. It kind of reminds me of some sort of invasion. This is what I came up with!

Election shrimp

So I decided to run for SRC (student representative committee) for 3rd and 4th year Graphic Design in University. With that decision I thought of making a little mascot that will attract people's attention. Randomly I come up with this cartoonish shrimp

It had no purpose at all but to attract a person's attention after all it is a rather friendly looking shrimp. No?

Adha Eid

It maybe late, but this is a postcard I did for Adha Eid. For those who don't know Adha Eid, it is an islamic holiday where muslims worldwide celebrate Abraham's obedience to God to slaughter his son Ashmael, but Ashmael was replaced with a sheep. So on Adha day sheep are slaughtered.

So here is the postcard with two sheep drinking tea.

The translation of the dialogue:

Sheep 1: Oh God why me? I lost my job, my girlfriend left me, and they kicked me out of the house. I should die.
Sheep 2: It's ok my friend. Eid is coming soon, there you will find "help"

AUBites - A new comic series

I have always admired zoology. It was always an inspiration for me for anthropomorphic characters and get inspired etc etc

And since there are a whole lot of animals on the campus of the American University of Beirut, many that the students and staff and faculty do not know of.

So I decided to create a comic strip series based on different animals on the university, some known such as the cats and others not well known such as skinks (looks like a lizard)

So here's my first comic, a usual incident that happens when a person eats in the outdoors, he gets visited by the university cats.

Comic of the Week - After Halloween

This was supposed to be for before Halloween, but re-worked it for after Halloween.
Simply, everybody loves Halloween way too much.

Comics in Outlook

Finally after trying for 3 years, I got to become a cartoonist in the university's newspaper Outlook.
I have submitted so far 2 and working on the third.

The first is after the Club's Week in university showing the reaction of some people including me about the existence of a Japanese Cultural Club

The second is a sarcastic comic about the death of Steve Jobs and the release of Iphone4s

I will try to stay more updated with my work since I am in Beirut where hopefully there will be faster internet, HOPEFULLY...

New Casa

Finally after endless arguments, I finally convinced my father with a logo change for his store and finally got him to go under an identity system.

New Casa is a store selling PVC Panels, Doors (Steel, Wood, PVC, Accordion), Bamboo Curtains and others.

So I had to create something that is more accustomed to the area around us which is in the heart of Bekaa, hence it is heavily arabic based, therefor I used square kufi, which is also helpful for it is geometric similar to most of the products sold. Also it is backed with a latin version of the name hence making the logo bi-lingual. It can also work without the latin name, but for now it will do.

I will update this later with the outer signage...

First Post

So this is my official first post on the blog.
I will try to post more of my work as much as I can for internet is scarce from where I am (in Bekaa i.e.)

As you can see from the header that the blog is still incomplete so I will be hopefully updating the blog anytime soon.

In the mean time, I will attach a picture I took of a young turkish gecko on a mac keyboard.