Sabea' - An Arab Super Hero

The Arab Super Hero, this topic has been over abused and brought up by many people and discussed and planned out like for instance Fouad Mezher's Enigma. But this Arab Hero was just a quick sketch I did for a magazine group project where the staff had to draw an interpretation of an arab super hero for a feature article asking questioning the existence of a pure Arab Super Hero.

I was randomly sketching a character and one group member says why not the hero be an animal, where I thought why not the hero can have a supporting trusty animal as a ride. I drew it to be a beast, then I thought of what it could be so I made it a stripped hyena which is found in the Lebanese and Middle Eastern region. After that I thought of what the Hero's name could be. I thought, what if he was a hero that was of that who got help from beasts and name him Beast. So I called him Sabea' (سبع) which means beast in Arabic. The logo on Sabea''s chest is actually a hindi numeral seven, which in arabic is called Sabea relating to the name, along with beast eyes.

I vow to work on the character to create him an identity and story.

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