The Arabic Numerals Lesson

While I was in Istanbul last year for the ISType conference, I got to sit with the organizers and the typographers that gave lectures in that conference. During one dinner, I was in a discussion with one of the organizers who is Italian about the involvement of numerals in type and I explained to him of the origin of Arabic numerals (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)

It was something geometrical depending on the number of angles formed by the lines, these lines were later on shaped to become the numerals we use today.

Here is a scan of the tissue I used to discuss with the organizer. He sent this to me not long ago. It truly is amazing.

Photos from MENAXLDS 2013

As the only designer of MENAXLDS, I was also the only photographer of the event. These are from the best photos that I took that I personally like.


I was the only designer of MENAXLDS 2013 (Middle East and North Africa Exchange and Leadership Development Seminars)
This is by far from the biggest and best projects I have handled.
It wasn't easy, but I pulled it off all by myself.

I did it also at the end of a depression phase, so it was with the help of some friends which I can not be more grateful to have.

The logo.
For an overall identity, I wanted to capture the multicultural history of Lebanon in order to represent the true face of Lebanon, so I made the logo built of Arabic, Latin, and Phoenician letters overlapped into a circle. Later on I added a symbol relating to the Lebanese Cedar (Cedrus Libani)

Study Tour Posters
Study tours were made before and after the conference, to show all of these locations and explain all the details of the tours was to go minimalistic in the design with a proper grid layout

Delegate Mailers
These were used to inform the delegates more details of the Congress Committee, the Facilitators, the venue of the conference, etc. I used a common template for all which is based on the 3 alphabets used for the logo.