New Lens Tryout

I got a new lens!
It's a Canon 100mm f2.8 macro

So I took it out to try it out.
Didn't find much except for some flies, but they looked awesome!

Invasive Polka Dot Nudibranch

Last year my professor brought a nudibranch (sea slug) form his dive which is new to the Mediterranean. It was a Chromodoris annulata and it is originally from the Red Sea.
It was my job to document it. But I got some other cool pictures. This is one of them.

I've Got My Eyes On You

My mom was excited the other day when she came back from Ferzol.
She showed me that she found this Mediterranean Chameleon (Chameleo chameleon)

My brother and I both love reptiles so this little guy roams on the balcony.
I took this photo when it was hiding in the plant.

Rotoscope Kaf-Lam

This is a rotoscoping project we did in class part of a larger compilation

Abdallah Adam Cut Out Stop Motion

This is a cut stop motion I did interviewing a Sudani migrant worker called Abdallah Adam

Portal Kinetic Typography

A small motion graphics project I had in animating the word.
I used portal, inspired by the Portal game!

Motivation for IC 2013

I want to show how motivated for IC 2013 I am, the best way to express it is through what I do best, so I drew this.
Let's hope for the best!

Random Sketches

These are some random sketches I did while bored, studying, or calling on Skype

The Arabic Numerals Lesson

While I was in Istanbul last year for the ISType conference, I got to sit with the organizers and the typographers that gave lectures in that conference. During one dinner, I was in a discussion with one of the organizers who is Italian about the involvement of numerals in type and I explained to him of the origin of Arabic numerals (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)

It was something geometrical depending on the number of angles formed by the lines, these lines were later on shaped to become the numerals we use today.

Here is a scan of the tissue I used to discuss with the organizer. He sent this to me not long ago. It truly is amazing.

Photos from MENAXLDS 2013

As the only designer of MENAXLDS, I was also the only photographer of the event. These are from the best photos that I took that I personally like.


I was the only designer of MENAXLDS 2013 (Middle East and North Africa Exchange and Leadership Development Seminars)
This is by far from the biggest and best projects I have handled.
It wasn't easy, but I pulled it off all by myself.

I did it also at the end of a depression phase, so it was with the help of some friends which I can not be more grateful to have.

The logo.
For an overall identity, I wanted to capture the multicultural history of Lebanon in order to represent the true face of Lebanon, so I made the logo built of Arabic, Latin, and Phoenician letters overlapped into a circle. Later on I added a symbol relating to the Lebanese Cedar (Cedrus Libani)

Study Tour Posters
Study tours were made before and after the conference, to show all of these locations and explain all the details of the tours was to go minimalistic in the design with a proper grid layout

Delegate Mailers
These were used to inform the delegates more details of the Congress Committee, the Facilitators, the venue of the conference, etc. I used a common template for all which is based on the 3 alphabets used for the logo.

The Guardian of Jupiter

The Guardian of Jupiter on patrol
Photo taken in the Baalbeck ruins
Laudakia Stelio  Starred Agama

Graffiti Proposal

This is a graffiti proposal for a competition to paint a wall in a bar here in Beirut

A friend's gift, better late than never

When I was in Colombia, part of my job was to illustrate animals for a calendar I was doing for the company. When I was out one day with my friends, my Puerto Rican friend asked for an illustration of the National frog of Puerto Rico which is the Coqui frog and I promised her that she would get it.

I went back to Lebanon but didn't forget my promise. So I drew her a coqui and I mailed with a postcard to Puerto Rico 2 weeks before Christmas supposedly it will reach her on Christmas, or if delayed it will reach her on New Year's.

Time passed and I didn't get a reply from her, I even asked her if she got something in the mail, nothing. Until the 15th of February! It took her about 2 months to receive my gift by mail! Anyways, it turned out to be a Valentine's day gift! Not necessarily as a romantic gift but as a friendship gift which is in a way kind of a save for the purpose of the gift.

Here is a photo of the illustration and the postcard she sent me from Puerto Rico.

Webcomic Idea

A quick sketch for an idea for a new webcomic series, I just need to find the time for it

Trying out the Wacom

Finally my long dream of having my own Wacom tablet is over. After losing the Wacom tablet I borrowed from Colombia and finding it is a bit enough for me.

Anyways, I experimented with the tablet and came up with this!

Pigeon on the Snow

It snowed and the only thing that could pass through my mind was... WHITE PIGEONS ON SNOW
My father has fan tailed pigeons on our roof. So I waited till the snow was removed from the mountains so I could make it home to take the photos.

Here is one of my favored photos.