Portraits from Global Village

So as I was attending the RIE conference, I got my first (unofficial) CC job, a photographer of a conference. They saw that I had a semi-professional camera, so the organizers asked of me to take photos of the conference. After that, I wanted to grab some portraits of people there.

I like taking photos of people but not while they are looking at the camera.
But some people can't help but to notice the camera and just smile!
Here are some the photos I truly like.

Arabic in Colombia

It was one of the best things ever to represent my culture in a foreign country.

It all happened too quick, and I was unprepared.

I was in Colombia on an internship with IAESTE to finish a university requirement (professional internship)
During that time I had time to meet AIESEC Colombia and the conference Rights In Exchange for Colombia (RIE) and go to the global village. But I knew of the global village at very last minute, and I prepared nothing to represent Lebanon nor anything Arab, so I had to act quick.
Luckily I had my pencil case in my bag and with me was one of my ultimate tools, the calligraphy pen. I asked for white papers and started practicing calligraphy (unfortunately a dying art)
So basically I was writing people's names in Arabic, this I have to say is the best way to represent my country and my culture. I don't know what else I could do in such a situation.

Anyways, long story short. It was truly one of the best AIESEC experiences I could have.

This is a photo of a cute girl who passed my stand, she was too cute not to take a photo of!