Arabic in Colombia

It was one of the best things ever to represent my culture in a foreign country.

It all happened too quick, and I was unprepared.

I was in Colombia on an internship with IAESTE to finish a university requirement (professional internship)
During that time I had time to meet AIESEC Colombia and the conference Rights In Exchange for Colombia (RIE) and go to the global village. But I knew of the global village at very last minute, and I prepared nothing to represent Lebanon nor anything Arab, so I had to act quick.
Luckily I had my pencil case in my bag and with me was one of my ultimate tools, the calligraphy pen. I asked for white papers and started practicing calligraphy (unfortunately a dying art)
So basically I was writing people's names in Arabic, this I have to say is the best way to represent my country and my culture. I don't know what else I could do in such a situation.

Anyways, long story short. It was truly one of the best AIESEC experiences I could have.

This is a photo of a cute girl who passed my stand, she was too cute not to take a photo of!

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