Invasive Polka Dot Nudibranch

Last year my professor brought a nudibranch (sea slug) form his dive which is new to the Mediterranean. It was a Chromodoris annulata and it is originally from the Red Sea.
It was my job to document it. But I got some other cool pictures. This is one of them.

I've Got My Eyes On You

My mom was excited the other day when she came back from Ferzol.
She showed me that she found this Mediterranean Chameleon (Chameleo chameleon)

My brother and I both love reptiles so this little guy roams on the balcony.
I took this photo when it was hiding in the plant.

Rotoscope Kaf-Lam

This is a rotoscoping project we did in class part of a larger compilation

Abdallah Adam Cut Out Stop Motion

This is a cut stop motion I did interviewing a Sudani migrant worker called Abdallah Adam

Portal Kinetic Typography

A small motion graphics project I had in animating the word.
I used portal, inspired by the Portal game!

Motivation for IC 2013

I want to show how motivated for IC 2013 I am, the best way to express it is through what I do best, so I drew this.
Let's hope for the best!

Random Sketches

These are some random sketches I did while bored, studying, or calling on Skype