A friend's gift, better late than never

When I was in Colombia, part of my job was to illustrate animals for a calendar I was doing for the company. When I was out one day with my friends, my Puerto Rican friend asked for an illustration of the National frog of Puerto Rico which is the Coqui frog and I promised her that she would get it.

I went back to Lebanon but didn't forget my promise. So I drew her a coqui and I mailed with a postcard to Puerto Rico 2 weeks before Christmas supposedly it will reach her on Christmas, or if delayed it will reach her on New Year's.

Time passed and I didn't get a reply from her, I even asked her if she got something in the mail, nothing. Until the 15th of February! It took her about 2 months to receive my gift by mail! Anyways, it turned out to be a Valentine's day gift! Not necessarily as a romantic gift but as a friendship gift which is in a way kind of a save for the purpose of the gift.

Here is a photo of the illustration and the postcard she sent me from Puerto Rico.

Webcomic Idea

A quick sketch for an idea for a new webcomic series, I just need to find the time for it