Proposal for Company Pattern

Part of my job in my internship was to create a pattern for their new corporate identity. So what I did was I took the word 'Nomos' from the company name, Nomos Impresores, and changed it to Arabic and wrote it in square kufic. And from the square kufic I transformed it in a sense that it can be made into a pattern unit. I did two versions, black and white and colored.

Fuertes Parrot

Proposal I submitted for a Calendar for My Company under the theme of "Endangered Colombian Species"

This is a Fuertes Parrot

Netherlands Game Award

You can't always find the perfect team whenever you want. When you approach a person for a golden opportunity, they are just fully laziness! No ambition, no motivation to do anything...

Anyways, I had to depend on myself to learn some basic coding. So I developed my first game which is a flash game that is a cannon game that flung a chameleon across a plain, and the main objective was to reach the farthest.

Here's a screenshot of the game.