Within You I Embrace the Earth

I took on a free job for a friend to design the inside of his poetry book "Within You I Embrace the Earth"
It was a hectic job, but hey the design was pretty good.
But it is a first and last time to take a free job like this, did it for the experience.
Here are some snapshots of the inside.

AUBites Shorts

It's summer and it's getting hot. So the ladies are starting to wear less, literally! 

My pal, the palestinian bird is starting to doubt his height.

AUBites Unsure Lizard

Well we reached May and still there was some rain. And it wasn't any type of rain, it was the rain that came out of a blue sky. One minute it is hot and dry all of a sudden it become cloudy and it starts raining. So the sun loving lizard questions.

AUBites Buzzers

Crane Flies were hatching from their cocoons all around the AUB campus. And whenever one flies people scream "MOSQUITO!!!" Then I'd look at them and think "Are you serious?"

So I drew this to show the difference between the two.