Internship in India

I started working in AIESEC, its an awesome organization for exchange programs
And I am working as the graphic designer there. I got the task of doing a poster for a short internship in India on short notice.
So I thought, what could catch the eye, Indian, and not too cliche Taj Mahal, Curry, stereotypical India.

Do I remember that India is famous for its monkeys. And what catches the eye the most is a baby monkey. What cuter can you get than a baby monkey.

I came up with this.

AUBites Finals Fly

It is the last week of Fall 2011-2012. Everyone is studying for finals. And there are two main things that distract students these days: Anything that moves, even flies and 9gag

So the question again is Finals?

Meen Video Competition

There was a video competition done by Meen, a Lebanese Rock band.
The reasons why I participated in this are:
A) I love the band, they are unique, their music is unique unlike most of what is coming out these days which is the forbidden love crap or as they say in Lebanese "7obbak Nar, Albak Tafeyye, Tizak 7ammeye"
B) Good Experience to be gained
C) I am always up for competitions

This is what I came up with

P.S. At the end of the video, there is a small character which is very precious to me! What do you think?