The Day I got bit twice

I was walking home when I saw a snake go hide under a rock. So by my nature was to go and pick it up and carried it home. My brother and I petted and let it move from hand to hand. It did nothing!

So I took my camera to go take pictures of it in the wild. After the photos, I was trying to push it to wander off to nature. When I got my hand near, it lashed at me biting my palm. It was fine because it was small and its teeth were minute and the snake is non-venomous. But the better part gets when I got bit by the Nile Crocodile young in my cousin's pet shop...

Here is a photo of the snake

The Botanical Garden

As my last thing I wanted to do in Colombia was to take pictures of humming birds.
So my host mother took me to the Botanical Garden to see orchids (which are my favorite flowers) and to see humming birds.

It was a fruitful day, but I learned a valuable lesson. Taking pictures of humming birds is extremely difficult, more than you can imagine!

Here are of some of what I got that day.

Note: I really do miss my Host Mother, I hope to be able to go visit her again someday