The Zahle Trip

If I am the president of the Bekaai Club, that doesn't stop me from designing the poster.
Here is the poster I did for the Zahle Trip

The Day I got bit twice

I was walking home when I saw a snake go hide under a rock. So by my nature was to go and pick it up and carried it home. My brother and I petted and let it move from hand to hand. It did nothing!

So I took my camera to go take pictures of it in the wild. After the photos, I was trying to push it to wander off to nature. When I got my hand near, it lashed at me biting my palm. It was fine because it was small and its teeth were minute and the snake is non-venomous. But the better part gets when I got bit by the Nile Crocodile young in my cousin's pet shop...

Here is a photo of the snake

The Botanical Garden

As my last thing I wanted to do in Colombia was to take pictures of humming birds.
So my host mother took me to the Botanical Garden to see orchids (which are my favorite flowers) and to see humming birds.

It was a fruitful day, but I learned a valuable lesson. Taking pictures of humming birds is extremely difficult, more than you can imagine!

Here are of some of what I got that day.

Note: I really do miss my Host Mother, I hope to be able to go visit her again someday


While in Colombia, the IAESTE folks did a trip to Santander
I was capable of taking some good photos of some friends and some wildlife before I realized I committed the biggest mistake, forget the camera battery charger...


Fitr Eid 2012

It was officially my first Ramadan away from my family and away from my country. I found it difficult practicing Ramadan in a non-Muslim society and no Muslims to eat with on Iftar time as I'd do in my village with my Muslim friends, family, and relatives. So here I was by myself celebrating Fitr Eid by myself, so I said to myself let me do a virtual card to celebrate it with all who are abroad.

Now I played on the term of Fitr (فطر), for Fitr means to eat and also it means mushroom.
Sa'eed (سعيد) means happy

You do the math!

The Slayer

I was drawing for children book illustrations but I got bored so I had to change for a bit so I drew this slayer

A Trip to Medellin

I had the chance to go to Medellin with some friends I met in RIE
Medellin is nicknamed the city of forever spring!

It truly is spectacular from the nature to the wildlife that are actually coping nicely with the city.
Here are some photos of animals I found there

What I also found interesting was that there was a girl that was standing in front of us in the line to go to the butterfly cage, and I couldn't help but realize the tattoo on her back. It was of Arabic letters.
As I was standing there, I couldn't help but read the text. Everyone was looking at me trying to read the text with curiosity. After I finished reading, my friends asked what did the text mean. She said that it was her parents' names. I think it is a mix between Maghribi and Kufic scripture. I didn't want to break it to her that it is not clear. But hey, she doesn't know and she isn't alone. This shows that letters are truly symbols perceived by people differently, some as shapes others as a form of reading.

Last note: When I returned back to Bogota, I lost my luggage with a Taxi driver... It drove me crazy

Ayuda un Gringo

After I lost my luggage, I released a mini campaign to put aware the Colombians of a foreigner's lost bag. I did the illustration and set out the text and this was shared over facebook and twitter.

Proposal for Company Pattern

Part of my job in my internship was to create a pattern for their new corporate identity. So what I did was I took the word 'Nomos' from the company name, Nomos Impresores, and changed it to Arabic and wrote it in square kufic. And from the square kufic I transformed it in a sense that it can be made into a pattern unit. I did two versions, black and white and colored.

Fuertes Parrot

Proposal I submitted for a Calendar for My Company under the theme of "Endangered Colombian Species"

This is a Fuertes Parrot

Netherlands Game Award

You can't always find the perfect team whenever you want. When you approach a person for a golden opportunity, they are just fully laziness! No ambition, no motivation to do anything...

Anyways, I had to depend on myself to learn some basic coding. So I developed my first game which is a flash game that is a cannon game that flung a chameleon across a plain, and the main objective was to reach the farthest.

Here's a screenshot of the game.

Portraits from Global Village

So as I was attending the RIE conference, I got my first (unofficial) CC job, a photographer of a conference. They saw that I had a semi-professional camera, so the organizers asked of me to take photos of the conference. After that, I wanted to grab some portraits of people there.

I like taking photos of people but not while they are looking at the camera.
But some people can't help but to notice the camera and just smile!
Here are some the photos I truly like.

Arabic in Colombia

It was one of the best things ever to represent my culture in a foreign country.

It all happened too quick, and I was unprepared.

I was in Colombia on an internship with IAESTE to finish a university requirement (professional internship)
During that time I had time to meet AIESEC Colombia and the conference Rights In Exchange for Colombia (RIE) and go to the global village. But I knew of the global village at very last minute, and I prepared nothing to represent Lebanon nor anything Arab, so I had to act quick.
Luckily I had my pencil case in my bag and with me was one of my ultimate tools, the calligraphy pen. I asked for white papers and started practicing calligraphy (unfortunately a dying art)
So basically I was writing people's names in Arabic, this I have to say is the best way to represent my country and my culture. I don't know what else I could do in such a situation.

Anyways, long story short. It was truly one of the best AIESEC experiences I could have.

This is a photo of a cute girl who passed my stand, she was too cute not to take a photo of!

Within You I Embrace the Earth

I took on a free job for a friend to design the inside of his poetry book "Within You I Embrace the Earth"
It was a hectic job, but hey the design was pretty good.
But it is a first and last time to take a free job like this, did it for the experience.
Here are some snapshots of the inside.